Prof. Dr.-Ing. S. Frerich
Gebäude IC 3 /Raum 179
Tel:+49-(0)234 32-26496


Key research areas and fields of interest

The assistant professorship Virtualisation of Process Technology- Experimental Experiences in Engineering Education" was established by the Institute of Thermo and Fluid Dynamics. It is assigned to the interface between experimental techniques and simulations and modelling. The connection between these two research fields is made by transferring experimentally obtained results into computer-supported models.

The results of both research fields shall be communicated in engineering education. By joining the actual research outcome and the content of lectures and seminars, students will benefit deeply. This is achieved by the development of both virtual and remote laboratory set-ups and the implementation of thermodynamic principles and properties. The influence of test parameters on the final product properties is investigated, and process technology procedures will be displayed by different, and interdependent modules.

In the field of the experimental process technology, high pressure technology and compressed gases are used, among other things for the production and processing of porous materials. In addition, material properties like rheological and thermal properties of different systems are investigated.